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Basemaps shift and move when zooming in and out, misplacing features.

08-23-2023 09:53 AM
New Contributor II

When zooming in and out on ArcGIS Online, the basemap (no matter which one) will shift around. The features stay in place, meaning that zooming in can make a feature appear to have moved a considerable distance.

Take a look at the video. After placing a feature on the intersection of a road and then zooming in and out, the basemap shifts around, completely misplacing the point feature. In the video I show this happening with both the Imagery basemap and the Topographic basemap.

How can this be fixed? Thanks.

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New information: This is only happening on the newer Map Viewer. Upon switching to Map Viewer Classic, the basemaps stay put. Weird!

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Esri Contributor

Hey Casey,

This is rather odd behavior. Since this is only happening on Map Viewer I think it would be best if you raised a Technical Support case with your distributor as this looks like a defect.

It would also be worth confirming if this is happening on all base maps, and within different locations.

Hope that helps,


Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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I am facing the same with the web map shared using ArcGIS Pro, I attached a video showing two maps:

1. the first map doesn't have this issue, where I am using the event theme layer reading from a view with unique value symbology.

2. the second map has the same data source with one difference being that I am using heat map symbology.

when zooming out to infinite zoom the heat map goes out of its initial extent as shown in the attached video.

I am not able to sort out the behavior behind that noting that I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 and Pro 3.2

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