Basemap not loading/displaying correctly

01-05-2021 07:26 AM
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Hello! I am having issues with the Imagery Hybrid Basemap for the past several days. Across maps, the resolution between street and building scales is dark, grainy, and poor quality. It immediately clears up when zoomed further out or further in. This is a new issue, but I am not aware of any changes on my end that could be causing it. Is anyone else having similar problems, or possible solutions?  Thanks!

Here are screen grabs of the same location at various scales. 






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Not sure if this will help, but AGOL has been "acting funny" for me for about 3 months.  Not refreshing, drawing properly, orange warning message about not being able to draw everything--on a layer with 7 features only. Calculations failing to start or finish.


Zooming in and out, or logging out, logging back in seems to clear it for a little while, anyways.

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