Automatically update AGO files Help

04-20-2019 12:59 PM
New Contributor

Hello everyone! I am doing a project at school where I am creating the front end for a agricultural company. I have already created a map from their server shapefiled and placed them on AGO which will be featured on the home page. I want to be able to update the information periodically, this is where I dont really know where to go.

I tried using the .kml download link which doesn't seem to work. I get the error "The KML, *LINK*, cannot be added to the map. An error occurred during loading.". The file is behind a https link, am I correct to assume that his is causing a security issue?.


The company also gave me access to the API. Would I use this to update the data? Any help would be appreciated or at least what direction I should go to have KML/shapefiles automatically updated.

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