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Automate drop-down lists in Fieldmap or Arcgis Online

07-26-2023 01:22 AM
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Hello everyone,

As part of my geomatics internship, I'm working on the field maps application to create a form app for the field.

I've created my form layer using field maps. In this form, I've integrated various variables using drop-down lists.

I'd like to know if it's possible to automate these lists using data from a second table.

For example, the person in the field would select the name of a school from the drop-down list and the other fields would be filled in automatically using this selection.

Thank you for your help,


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Hi Leslie,

Field maps allows calculated expressions so if you had associated values for each school (things like district, size etc.) you could definitely configure it so that when a school is selected multiple other fields populate automatically. You'd essentially create a lookup table that had associated values for each school in each of the calculated fields, either using a "dictionary" or the Arcade "Decode" function . Depending on the number of schools this could be unwieldy to configure all of the matchings yourself, in which case you could store the lookup table values in table in ArcGIS Online and essentially query that table to find the associated values, if you're not planning on using Field Maps in online mode.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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Hi @Leslie_Arnoux

That's correct, you could use Arcade calculated expressions to do this. 

Another option is to create a separate Feature Template for each school, each with its own default values in the fields you would like to populated based on the School. You can find out more about authoring Feature Templates in Field Maps here:

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