Autoincrement field in Arcgis Online

08-14-2021 04:21 PM
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We have two projects going in which our field technicians are having to add streetlight and security light assets in the field. The feature class is hosted in ArcGIS Online. A geodatabase option is not available to us at the time. We have a toolbox for auto-generating ID's but the process has to run through scheduled task. Our techs are needing to report information and id's immediately after installation and onsite to our utility billing for verification on these projects. Unfortunately, they cannot effectively work because they have to either assign id's which may result in duplicates or it causes all types of issues. Is there a way to set a field to autoincrement in GIS Online. I saw other post where this feature has been requested in 2016, 2018 and so forth. 

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As far as I know, this one is still outstanding, but would be possible with attribute rules, when that comes to AGOL.

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