Autofiilling Date with 12/31/1969

06-12-2014 12:25 PM
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I have an editable feature service of tree with 3 date fields (date installed, date Removed, last update date).  Whenever a change is made to a feature all the date fields are auto populated with 12/31/1969, if I open it in desktop the dates are 1/1/1970.  How I change my feature service to allow a Null value (I know that 1/1/1970 is 0 in Unix time)?
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Did you find a way to manage this?  I have the same issue.

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Hello! Here in 2020, still seeing this issue, with my Dashboard widget. The workaround (adding an "is not Null" filter) of course works, but does anybody have information about this in a more general sense? Will Null date values always default to this date?

Null values showing a date of 12/31/1969:


After adding an "is not Null" filter:



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