Auto Fill Web Form From ArcGIS Online Web Mapping Application To Open Google Doc Form Web Page

09-13-2019 06:23 AM
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Greetings All, 

I am wondering if there is a way to push data from my version of the Mosquito Service Requests web mapping application to an online form? 

There is a Google Doc form that is available online that I did not create and do not own.  I would like to interact with this online form, as to auto fill data from my augmented Mosquito Service Request solution into the online Google doc form. 

I would like the user experience to consist of the following: 

   -User visits the web mapping application link to submit a service request

   -When complete the user will click the submit button from my web mapping application

   -From there the submission is saved to the web mapping application feature layer and concurrently opens the online Google doc form and then copies the information form the submitted service request (now point feature) into the (now open) Google doc form.

   -The user would then press the other submit button from the open and auto-filled Google doc form that included the information they just filled out from their service request.

I found this solution from Jeffery Everhart, but with this one it seems that you have to be the owner of the docs and the Google Drive.

 Auto Fill a Google Doc from a Google Form Submission - Jeff Everhart Jeff Everhart :


Anyone have any ideas as to where I can begin my search as to how to do this OR if this has been done elsewhere and I can model after an existing solution OR if something like this is simply not possible because I do not own and/or control the Google Doc form???

Many thanks for listening either way


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