Attribute Table in Web App not displaying

12-07-2020 01:42 PM
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I recently developed a web app showing priority parcels for conservation and restoration easements in Virginia. It works great other than the fact that when I attempt to open the attribute table, it displays the loading bars and does not open. It stays frozen until I refresh the page, not even allowing me to close the table (see attached screenshot).

I have all of Virginia's Parcel data on this map as a hosted feature layer. The attribute table works fine in the non-webapp version of the map for all layers except for the Virginia Parcel data. This is an enormous data set, but it doesn't open even when selecting one parcel at a time at very zoomed in map extents. Every time I attempt to open this layer I get the message "Error, Accessing data failed". Is my issue that this layer is simply to large and is freezing the table? Or is there a work around to make this web app work more fluidly? 

Thanks for you help!

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Did you end up finding a solution? We are having a similar issue on one of our web apps.

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