attribute table has multiple CreationDate, Creator, EditDate, Editor fields

06-22-2020 05:22 AM
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A simple hosted feature layer, collegue's use it offline in collector. Somehow it grew two CreationDate, Creator, EditDate and Editor fields. or at last the aliases are the same, the fieldname shows CreationDate and CreationDate_1 and so on.

This is very annoying when I base the symbology on the CreationDate and at a point in time CreationDate_1 is getting used instead.

Also it is confusing when using for example the definitionquery as that uses the Alias'es:

I would like to know:

 - what I did wrong to cause the creation of the extra fields

 - How to clean it up so i can get rid of the surplus fields

Thank you for your time,


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I would simply rebuild the feature class without the creating and edited fields.

then in catalog or pro add the editing fields. and load the data back in.

No idea how you created duplicate fields as the tool to added editor tracking won't do that it will create them if they don't exist or reactivate them if they exist.

Quite possibly the feature class was created by a join of two different features and that would give you the _1

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