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11-09-2022 08:41 AM
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I am looking for some assistance/guidance for creating a webhook that will email user(s) when something changes in a feature/related table.

Specifically we have a Total Max Hours Allowed field in the feature. In the related table we track hours (Task Hours field) based on each event that occurs related to the feature. In the pop-up config for the feature (classic web map viewer) we set the related table Task Hours field to "sum". This allows the pop-up to display the current total hours vs. the max hours allowed.

Our goal is to create a webhook that will notify the manager when staff are within 10 hours of reaching the max hour limit.

I would prefer to have this achieved via Arcade, but Python or JSON will work, as long as there is some hand holding to get me started as I am a novice at all three languages. I borrow and alter code way more than writing from the start.

Note: We are using Classic Web Map Viewer for this workflow as the related table functionality in the Web Map Viewer is not developed to the caliber of the Classic Web Map Viewer.

Thanks in advance!!

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Not a solution but just a note that related record support is coming to Map Viewer this week.

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That is awesome Russell. Been waiting for that functionality. Cannot wait to check it out.

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