ArcGIS popup two relations between the same tables

08-30-2020 11:31 PM
New Contributor

I am working with ArcGIS Server 10.5 and my problem is a double relationship between my data (web portal).

I have a layer (point) with different fields. Two fields is used to create two relations on a table (analysis) :

  • P 0
  • P 1

I have a table (analysis) with two fields to make two relations on an entity layer

  • Analysis 0
  • Analysis 1

I create two relationships between these data: Analysis 0 to P 0 and Analysis 1 to P 1.

I publish the data as a Map service. When I select an entity, I can see the results of these relationships by "show related records".

But when I try to configure popup to get these results, only the first relation is displayed; for the second nothing is returned.

I'm searching for a solution to add the second relation in a popup.

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