ArcGIS Online Web Map Symbology using Current Date

03-30-2017 02:59 AM
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I have an ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer used to track jobs at locations. We have a Scheduled Date attributed to each feature using a Date Field called "Scheduled Week" for broad planning.

The aim here is to Symbolize each feature using a colour ramp where the colour is set from "Age, in days from <This Date> to Scheduled Date". <This Date> being the current date and not a static date.

The Drawing Style "Color (Age) & Size" can almost do this. If you look at the attached "Age.png" you can see that there is the option to set From to <This Date> but it only enables you to set a specific date in the box below.

Does anyone know of any other methods within Web App symbology to create the same type of symbology that would allow us to see jobs that are scheduled close to the current date at the glance of an eye? Or possibly any other work-arounds? The idea here is to account for times where there are more jobs in the system.

Something that comes to mind is a Date field within my Feature Layer that is always populated with the current date. Unsure of how to do that within an ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer however. Does anyone know how this could be done?

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