ArcGIS Online Stored Credentials from Federated Server

09-20-2021 06:35 AM
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We are testing implementing Portal and running into an issue.  Are items that are in a ArcGIS Server that has been federated able to have credentials stored and brought into ArcGIS Online?  Looking at this post, this user has the same exact issue I am having:

Based off the response it looks like this isn't possible?  I am hearing from another outside outlet that it is possible and they have done it, so I am just looking to verify if it is or isn't?  If it isn't, is this where a Distributed Collaboration would come into play?
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I would suggest you look into your SSL Certificate - you can test it via and it will let you know if there are any problems with it. If there are ArcGIS Online won't trust it and you won't see any options to store credentials.

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It is possible to bring layers within Enterprise into ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Server, at the very least, needs to be accessible from the internet (if not Portal as well).  The issue in the blog post you linked too is that IWA web-tier authentication is not supported as a way for ArcGIS Online to access content within Enterprise, a built-in account is needed instead.

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We have a federated server with our portal and on several occasions have shared features to our AGOL account by storing credentials when shared. Just make sure to check box that says "stores credentials"

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