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ArcGIS Online splitting polylines into multiparts automatically?

04-11-2023 01:16 PM
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I have noticed when I append a feature from a featureclass that is stored in a geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro, In which does not consist of multiple parts it will be splited.

Is this a bug or a feature, and how can i stop it?

So, a bit better description of the problem:

The input is a singel-part polyline feature from a GPX track (so it might go over itself). 
The geometry is shown underneath from the attribute window. 


Then I append this to a an ArcGIS Online Feature service.
First i used the "append" tool, but when that dident work i tried with this:

fields_to_be_copied = ["SHAPE@"] + field_names_input
with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(input_features,fields_to_be_copied) as input:
with arcpy.da.InsertCursor(target_featureClass,fields_to_be_copied) as target:
for row in input:
arcpy.AddMessage(f"Appending row {row}")

which does just copy the geometry directly. I could go down and reconstruct the entire line, but i start to think that this is a feature/ bug of the featureservice.

When i then open the geometry in the feature service i see that its converted into an multipart:


Does anyone have an idea on why this happens, and how to fix it?

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