ArcGIS Online publishing failed

04-19-2021 06:16 AM
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by Anonymous User
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I'm trying to publish a feature service containing a feature class and a table from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online.

The process continues until it reaches "Uploading service definition" and gets stuck for very long time.

Finally it fails giving the attached log.




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Esri Contributor

Hi there,

Are you able to share you data? If so, please export it as a map package to a file and share it here. Or, feel free to private message me.



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by Anonymous User
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Hi @GeoJosh 

Thank you for response.

I finally could publish the data using ArcMap.

It was published as usual with no errors and took no long time.

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I've having a similar issue with publishing/overwriting feature services which was working fine before the major update last week. Any chance this could be related to the update?

It seems to be stuck at the uploading service definition file stage and then errors out.



After multiple attempts, I manage to get through eventually and successfully overwritten by feature service.

For reference, my feature service cluster sits in . 

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @WengNg2 

I think it may be related to the update because I never faced this issue before

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