ArcGIS Online Map Viewer - Simple Table - Missing Form option

02-28-2024 10:34 AM
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Hi All,

I ran into a problem on a larger project that I've been able to reproduce with a very simple project.  The issue is with the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer and a simple non-spatial table. 

I have added a simple table with one field (along with OBJECTID, GlobalID, and editor fields.  The table has traditional versioning enabled.  The database is PostGIS.

I published this table by itself to ArcGIS Server 11.2.  Enabled Map Service, Feature Service with full editing and sync capabilities.

I exposed the Feature Service to my ArcGIS Online account and created a Web Map with the "new" Map Viewer.  

Unlike other feature classes and tables, when I click this table in the Map Viewer the Form button on the right side disappears.  I cannot create an edit Form for this table.

Is this expected behavior?  This is an issue in my larger project where I have a table that is not related to any other FC's or tables and the same thing happens.  I cannot create an edit Form for this table.

Here is the REST service for the simple test if it is helpful:




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