ArcGIS Online: Join table to Feature layer WITHOUT creating a new feature layer

03-20-2020 08:59 AM
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So, like every community, I have our municipality's Parcel feature class.  It has a PIN field as a unique ID & other attribute fields.  On a weekly basis from our county, I receive an updated Parcel Owner data table also with a PIN field.  I n ArcGIS Desktop, I join this table to my parcel feature class & *boom* I have a layer with my parcels showing owner fields.  And no matter if I edit the Parcel FC or replace the data table with updates, the joins stay in place.

So now we want to accomplish this on an AGOL map.  I created a Parcel Feature Layer from my Parcel Feature Class & also uploaded the "Owner" database to AGOL as a hosted table.  I used the Analysis>Join Features tool to join the table to the parcel layer HOWEVER in this tool, I have to create a new layer.  Is there a way I can just join the table to the layer? 

In this process, I wind up with a second Parcel layer that I have to maintain. No good.

My goal is to - like ArcGIS Desktop -  edit my parcel feature class & replace the data in my Parcel Owner table separately & just have the view automatically through the join.

Any way to accomplish a join table to layer & just have it... join?


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