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ArcGIS Online Experience Builder

05-18-2021 07:09 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

I'm new to the ArcGIS Online Experience Builder.  I've finalized my experience, but the view of the landing page differs, depending on the browser and/or device type being used (see attached pdf of screenshots). 

For example, the box looks smaller or text within that box is cut off when using Chrome on an external monitor.  

How do I ensure a consistent view across all browsers/device types (whether a laptop or desktop monitor)??  

I used a blank template when building my experience, if that matters.

Thanks !



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Hi Ashley!

I realize your question is almost 2 years old but I'm in ArcExperience now and am having these same issues (blank template used, as well). I have used auto sizing whenever available and am really struggling to figure out why the text cuts off. Were you able to figure out a solution?

Thank you!


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