ArcGIS Online Edits Not Saving

04-01-2015 06:44 AM
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Hi All,

I recently created a web map using multiple feature services.  The feature services were published with Update and Query feature access operations.  After adding them to the map, I configured their attributes, and enabled editing.  Everything appears to work - I click on the feature I want to update, change the attribute, and move on.  However, once I save the map, the edits I made are reverted.  I know this because the symbology of the feature layer uses the field I am editing.  So I can see the edit being made and also reverting back to it's original value.

Here are some screenshots of the issue I am seeing:

I want to edit the valve's open attribute:


I click the valve and click edit:


I change the Currently Open attribute, notice the symbology change:


Edit appears to be made:


I save the map:


After the save is complete, I pan the map (causing a refresh of the data), and the edit is gone:


Any idea what is going on?


Chris B.

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I'm having this same issue, only instead of trying to change a drop down option its editing and saving some text.

Did you ever hear back on this?

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Running Fiddler or one of the developer tools for whatever browser you're using will provide more insight into whether the edit was successful or not.  Did you also check the Server logs to determine if there were any errors logged there?

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We are seeing a very similar issues, where attribute edits made by one or more users in a multiuser web builder app (ArcGIS Online) are not being saved after making a change and then hitting the "ok" button" at the bottom of the attribute editor dialog.  Only the geometry persists.  We are using a feature service hosted by ArcGIS Server, not a hosted ArcGIS Online layer.

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I am having the same issue.

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You'll need to run Fiddler or the web debugging tools to determine the response from the Rest API when making the request.  Also check the Server logs to determine if there are any errors.  I notice that the images show a geometric network, does the projection of the data match the projection of the basemap?  If you see errors like the following:

An error occurred.

Edit for the Feature in Layer: d is not applied.

Geometry could not be set.

In the response from the Rest API, there's a good chance you're reprojecting geometric network data when you're editing, which is not currently supported.  A bug is logged to provide more accurate logging in Server when this happens.

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Thanks for the assistance!

I opened up Fiddler and found that it was failing for another reason. I had changed a few of the fields in the hosted layer. I deleted the old fields by opening the attribute table and deleting them, then I selected "Add field" from the drop down menu. Even though the fields were named the same as the old ones, it caused the editor widget in the web map to fail. In Fiddler, I kept seeing "Invalid Query" errors.

To fix the issue, I deleted the entire feature layer from ArcGIS Online and published a new one from ArcMap with the updated fields.

Thank you, I hope this can help!


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@Jonathon Quinn,

I have run into the same issue as also referenced on the support site: Short URL:

I really dislike the workaround here as it appears my only option is to remove the geometric network.  I have tried in vain to change the basemap to a custom basemap that should be in the same projection.  I'm not asking ArcGIS Online to fully support geometric networks, I am only asking that I be able to edit features that just happen to participate in a geometric network.  I could always check rebuild it and then check for errors periodically.  Any help would be much appreciated.  For now, I am going to go ahead and remove the GN in hopes that for now, things will work.  

Josh White, AICP
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In my case the error is "Field Notes has invalid html content." --  I had enabled Rich Text in a notes field and then user pasted content from Word (using Word for spell and grammar checking). No formatting had been applied to the text in Word. Thanks for getting me on the right track. Stupid that there is no error reporting to the user on something like this. It results in data loss.



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Ah, awesome! And I agree, this detail message should come up as an alert!

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