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ArcGIS Online Dashboard, Gallery, Experience ???

06-08-2023 10:28 AM
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Hello, I am looking for some direction or to see if it is even possible to publish maps to a Dashboard. I am very new to this and have to learn quickly. I work in the solar industry and I make maps of projects daily. Is there a way that I can push them out to an already created good-looking dashboard (or something similar) to be able to get an overview of all projects? It seems to me that a dashboard is built around a certain project and that I would have to make a new one each time. I may be completely wrong I'm not sure. Any insight would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

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A few thoughts:

  1. Do you need to make a new map daily or could you update the data in the feature services in your current maps?
  2. ArcGIS Dashboards does have a Save As functionality. You could use this then add a new map and point your existing widgets at the new map widget.
  3. You could create a copy of the dashboard using the Save As functionality then use ArcGIS Assistant to edit the JSON to swap out the web map the dashboard is pointing at. I would not recommend this option unless you're familiar with JSON editing as you could easily break something.
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