ArcGIS Explorer Symbol Limitations

07-25-2019 01:48 PM
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One of my Field Crew members brought in one of our field android tablet(s) that uses ArcGIS Explorer to open company maps from ArcGIS Online and had a problem with certain layers not displaying. Upon some investigation, I determined the symbol(s) that I use all of a sudden do NOT work in ArcGIS Explorer. They use to but now, they are not. Is there a limitation on the type of Symbol type(s) that can be used in Explorer and/or collector that has changed? My process goes from ArcMAP that already has the symbol(s) pre-created and shares a Feature Layer to AGOL. 

Just wondering if this is a NEW limitation since I checked the Android App store and there is no software update required at this time for ArcGIS Explorer. The reason why I have specific symbols created is because we also use ArcReader in the office and my main goal is consistency. This way, the same symbol for a specific feature class is the same across all platforms within the company. 

Thank You

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