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06-27-2019 08:48 AM
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I am trying to display pavement condition inventory scores as groups, for instance 60-75 is okay, 76-89 is good, and 90-99 is excellent. I can do that in Map, but not Online. There is no grouping setting I can find. You can use Counts and Amounts and set the manual breaks, but you can't change individual colors in the ramp. I am not good with Arcade, but I found something that partially works. The problem is it only returns 3 categories. That may be all it is designed to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

if($feature.PCI >=90){

    return "Great"


if (75<= $feature.PCI <90){

    return "Better"


if (60<= $feature.PCI <75){

    return "Okay"


if(40<= $feature.PCI <60){

    return "Bad"


if($feature.PCI <40){

    return "Awful"


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Hi amohammadalimaddi_NYCDOT ,

Have a look at the expression below. You returned the dictionary, but you need to retrieve the color group from the dictionary based on an attribute of the feature:

// create the dictionary
var dct = {'Bollard': 'Red','Residential Mailbox': 'Red',
           'USPS Mailbox': 'Red','Sidewalk Shed': 'Red',
           'Sign': 'Red','Transit Elevated Structure': 'Red',
           'Building Vault':'Blue','Catch Basin':'Blue',
           'Survey Monuments':'Blue','Utility Access':'Blue',
           'Transit Subway Vent':'Blue',
           'Pedestrian Walkway':'Purple','Steps':'Purple',
           'No obstacle in travel path':'Green'};

// read out the value of the feature from the attribute
var yourvalue = $feature["NameOfTheField"]; 

// have a result when the value is not in the dictionary or is null
var colorgroup = "Unknown";

// check if the value is in the dictionary
if (HasKey(dct, yourvalue)) {
    // the atribute is in the dictionary
    colorgroup = dct[yourvalue];

// return the resulting color group (not he dictionary)
return colorgroup;
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I have a similar issue I'm trying to resolve.  I have a single attribution field that has 1 of 5 values.  (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Other). 

I want to symbolize using 'unique' symbols, but I want to group the 'Excellent' and 'Good' values and leave the rest as they are.  I am using AGOL map viewer and trying to write an expression that will resolve it.

I have used the below code, but when i go from the expression window back to my map I keep getting a warning widow stating 'The expression must return a number value'.

Thanks for any assistance!

********Code Below***********

if ( $feature["OPI_RATING"] == "EXCELLENT") {

return "Good";


else if ( $feature["OPI_RATING"] == "GOOD") {

return "Good";


else if ( $feature["OPI_RATING"] == "FAIR") {

return "Fair";


else if ( $feature["OPI_RATING"] == "POOR") {

return "Poor";


else if ( $feature["OPI_RATING"] == "OTHER") {

return "Other";


else {

return "No Values";


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You can use this example to achieve your symbols
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Hi Ursu_Lacramioara,

Thank you for your response.  However, I am unable to see your solution.

All I see is the reference to an image (i think) that appears as plain text.


Do you mind trying to repost?

Thank you again for your help.

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You can try these statements:
var Value = $feature.VALUE; // replace by field name in your data

if (Value <= 0) {
return "Below Detection Limit (BDL)";
} else if (Value <= 1) {
return "> 0-1";
} else if (Value <= 😎 {
return "> 1-8";
} else if (Value <= 20) {
return "> 8-20";
} else if (Value <= 40) {
return "> 20-40";
} else if (Value >= 40) {
return "> 40";}

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