Arcade script for maintaining icon size at a certain scale

02-13-2021 02:48 AM
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Hi I have a web map on AGOL that I need to maintain a single image icon (point featureclass) at 1:9000 scale (as the image is a perfect representative of the 1:1 scale of the plans the layer represents on the ground at this scale) so I need it to be fixed at this scale when you zoom in and out. So the icon size is 120px at that scale.

I cant for the life of me work this out, I simply want to fix the icon size at the above scale, does anyone have any ideas?

Really appreciated!


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Hi @RichardBurdett1 ,

As far as I know, ArcGIS Online does not allow you to define a symbol size that way. You can mimic this behaviour, by using the $view.scale, but this will require you to define symbols for each range of view scales. Not a very user-friendly option and you will probably need to "hack" the json of the webmap, since the symbol editor will only offer you to edit the symbol(s) of the features at the current view scale.