Arcade Expressions for Graduated Symbols ArcGIS Online

08-14-2019 10:18 AM
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Hi All,

A colleague of mine is exploring the idea of writing an arcade expression for Graduated Symbols in ArcGIS Online. I have been doing some research and have only found resources on writing expressions for time, date and size. 

More specifically, in his AGOL webmap he has chosen to display the data using Graduated Symbols. For range, you get to choose the upper range, for example 100 or 1000 and the lowest being 0 but the values in between are predetermined. Is there a way to change this or write an expression so you choose the range. To clarify, I am not speaking to the size of the symbol. 

Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated. 


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Not sure if you've found a way to do this in Arcade - or if the issue is still relevant - but you can pretty much do this via modifying the symbology. Open your web map, click on Change Style > Options for 'Costs and Amounts' and tick 'Classify Data'. Select an option for the method and the number of classes. Or, you can set your own breaks by clicking on the 'Legend' link and changing the break values to whatever you need.

I hope his helps.

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My question is very similar: how to use the "Graduated Symbols" in Arcade (I cannot find examples) for AGOL WebMap, since I would like to invert the scale (from the lowest to the highest value).


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