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Arcade Expression

11-07-2022 01:14 PM
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Hello All,

I am seeking to use an arcade expression that would change the symbology color of one field (Light Type) based on the input of another field (Approved Occupant). To be clear I am basically a beginner at creating Arcade expressions, but I believe this can be achieved regardless of what our IT programmers say. The “Light Type “ field is the default red color, there are 28 light types in the drop-down, and the “Approved Occupant” has 12 occupant types in the drop-down.

So in terms of logic, I’m thinking:

 If  “approved occupant is COB” then “light type” = eb1515 ( or whatever color).

Is this remotely close to getting started? Do I have to write an expression for each occupant and each light type? Or an I use a wildcard to select all “Light Types” instead of having to select an occupant per light type? Any help or documentation is greatly appreciated.

My current solution is using two layers with different symbology see attached images.

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