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10-06-2020 04:46 AM
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I would like to create a pop up in a webmap that shows an icon that you can click on which will generate an e-mail.

With help in this document Create a mailto link with Arcade I have managed to create the arcade expression below and it also includes a subject title and a field from the Layer.

var UPRN = $feature["UPRN_1"];
var email = "";
var subject = "Welfare Map issue with UPRN " + UPRN;
var params = {subject: subject};
var url = "mailto:" + email + "?" + UrlEncode(params);
url = Replace(url, "TextFormatting.NewLine", "%0D%0A");
return url;

In the pop up you can click the URL which opens e-mail application with the correct e-mail address and subject

Instead of displaying like above I would like an image/icon similar to what has been achieved in the document link above

I inserted the code into a new expression

<b>Maintenance history:</b><br />
<br /><br />
<b>Email History:</b> <br />
<a href="{expression/expr1}">
  <img alt="Email" height="50" src="" width="50" />

but this generates the error below when you 'Test'

Parse Error:Line 1: Unexpected token <

1) Do I need to create a separate expression?

2) What expression would work to display an image?

Thank you

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi C McDonald ,

I have had problems with the example I mounted for the article you mentioned. It seems that a couple of updates ago, it has become more strict with what is filtered out of the expression. I can successfully test the code in the Arcade expression editor and it will show a valid mailto link, but when I do it in the web map, it seems to filter everything out and returns an empty string. I have tested with keeping the mailto outside the expression and include it in the custom HTML, but it is stripped anyway.

If I look at the traffic and errors I see is is launching an "external handler" for the mailto link which seems to be generated correctly, but the external handler probably is stripping the result fro some reason. 

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Although not ideal I can achieve what I want ultimately in the Web Mapping Application albeit not looking very pretty 😞