Arcade Expression results display 'Data Error' in 'Show Table'

02-05-2020 11:47 AM
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We have configured an Arcade expression in a Table popup. There is a 1:M relationship between a point layer and this Table. The resulting value of the Arcade expression is successful. However, when viewing the Table's attribute table in the map viewer, a blue hyperlink is displayed in the expression attribute column with the value 'Show', but when clicking it displays 'Data Error'.

When saving the map and attempting to view the table using the Web AppBuilder Attribute Table widget, no records display when viewing the Table's attributes.

The following expression returns a successful value, but displays as 'Data Error' when viewing in the attribute table.

var signTable = FeatureSetByRelationshipName($feature, "RoadSign");

var results = "";

for (var r in signTable) {
    results =+ r.SignID

return results

Need to be able to view the related Table with attributes grabbed from the related feature layer.

Thoughts or ideas?

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Greetings Kyle, 

I believe you are running into a defect with related tables and Arcade. I have not found any workaround unfortunately, but you can subscribe to the defect here

You can also log a support ticket and they will attach you to the defect. 

I am sorry to hear this defect is affecting your workflow.