Append to feature service failing error 000594

03-04-2021 10:39 AM
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I am having issues restoring backups of a feature service using Append, which results in the same error (000594, which deals with spatial domain misalignment). Curious is that when I test with a handful of features the Append tool succeeds with warnings, and the 000594 error. If I try with the whole backup, currently ~150 features, each record gets the 000594 error as well as the generic 999999. 

The context: I derive a human-readable ID for each feature from a portion of the GlobalID (e.g. YY-UNIT-XXXX, where 'YY' is the two-digit year, 'UNIT' is a geographical shorthand, and 'XXXX' are the four digits taken from the GobalID). I didn't want to use the ObjectID, as they're much more wishy washy, and in the event a backup needs to be used to restore the dataset could likely result in duplicate IDs.

GobalIDs are preserved in the backup, and they're preserved if a new feature service is published from the backup. But I would rather create a new feature service from the old, in order to preserve all of its settings, and then append the backup data into the new feature service. This is elegant, as you can choose to preserve GlobalIDs.....but this is where the error occurs. 

The backup is created from the feature service, but then can't be appended into an identical copy of that same  feature service. Any thoughts on what gives?


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