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app and widget cloning

03-15-2022 03:17 PM
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We have a web app with a configured filter widget. Let's call this App#1. It is linked with a hosted feature layer #1. 

What I would like to do is make a copy of the app, change the source data to a different hosted feature layer (with the same fields as hosted feature layer #1), without breaking the filter widget. Each time I make a copy of the app (to test new looks for the app) and update the data source, the widgets break and I have to re-configure the widgets. 

Is there any way to either copy a widget and its configuration, or change the source data without breaking the widget?

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I have wondered this same thing, and if it's possible to copy widget properties through JSON or something else programmatically? We use app templates like this but face the same issue as you, needing to reconfigure the widgets when the data source is changed.


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