Annotation Labels for Map Cache - Avoid Labeling every Feature

03-03-2020 11:51 AM
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I'd like to create an Annotation Label that "selectively" adds street names as I zoom in. I've created a map image layer that consists of cached tiles. I've created several annotation layers that I publish with the map image layer. When I look at the map service on a web map, it looks like my initial effort mostly worked.

However, I'm now trying to fine tune things and I'm trying to avoid every street name appearing on the web map. For example, below is a screen capture of the web map at a particular zoom level (forgive the difficulty reading the road labels; I haven't fine tuned things). You can see that every street feature is labeled. This is kind of cluttered, and it'd be even more cluttered if I were zoomed to other places on the map.

All road labels on the map

Is there a way to specify that, for instance, I only want all of the streets labeled when I'm zoomed all of the way in on the map. Otherwise, I'd like for the streets to be "selectively" labeled? Can I somehow control this when I'm using the "Tiled Labels to Annotation" tool?  

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