An audience-facing "filter" feature

10-10-2021 12:38 PM
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Hello--I'm currently trying to make a public-facing map for a nature center using archgis online and would like a feature akin to the "filter", but friendly for use by casual viewers.

The map currently has points at various locations, each with info and an interview clip attached. I want viewers to be able to filter through these clips by theme (like "infrastructure," "mental health," "public health," etc)---the filter feature on archgis online mapping seems to be aimed at someone who's analyzing the map and familiar with the data, but I want it to be easy for a viewer to click on something akin to a legend to have certain points show up attached to that theme. I've thought of using the legend feature, but the problem is one clip can have more than one theme attached to it. Any way around this, or any apps I should be looking into? Or thoughts on where I should go from here? 

Thanks for any input!



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