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03-20-2020 07:22 AM
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Good morning, in the Security settings in ArcGIS online there is an option to Allow Portal Access.  Can someone explain to me  what this does or point me in the direction of additional documentation.  The documentation I have found  so far is not very helpful at least I am not understanding what it is saying.  Or can someone translate it to layman's terms.  Any help with this is appreciated. 

Configure security settings—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 


Dan Senner

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Hey Dan Senner‌,

This setting allows you to set portals that you trust to access your secured content. So if your agency has both an ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Portal, you can set the ArcGIS Online to trust users who are logged into the specified ArcGIS Portal. This means users will only need to login once!

Hope that clears it up for you!



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Thanks for getting back to me.  So if I have ArcGIS online and Portal a user in Portal can access content that is hosted in ArcGIS online even if the user does not have a ArcGIS online account? Appreciate your help in explaining this to me.



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@BenTurrell & @DanSenner have either of you actually used this function? Although I understand what it's supposed to do I can't get it to work.

  1. I have my portal URLs entered into the setting
  2. have registered items from AGOL into these portals, choosing not to include credentials.
  3. My understanding is this will allow members of my portal to use their enterprise logins to access the secure AGOL content when viewing it from these portals.
  4. However, when accessing the content I'm asked to log in to AGOL. When using portal SAML credentials I can't do so....






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