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Allow a NULL value for a feature template?

12-03-2021 06:55 AM
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I have a feature template in Pro that's defined by the symbology, using categories from the values in a "SurveyorInitials" field. If the field is left empty, the point is Pink, and if a surveyor enters their initials from a drop down list, it turns blue. The NULL value pink point template is visible in the feature template in Pro, and it's also visible in the symbology and legend within Map Viewer. However in both Map Viewer and Field Maps, im unable to add a point using the NULL value pink feature template, i can only add blue dots that relate to the surveyors. This is also the same for map viewer classic.

So, if I want to add a load of pink points with no data in the SurveyorInitials field, I need to first select a blue point place it on the map and then delete the initials from the form. 

Can anyone explain why feature templates don't support NULL values in AGOL?


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