AGOL/WAB 2-step PopUp show/hide additional Information

03-20-2020 02:17 AM
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I need to create a two-layered PopUp for ArcGIS Online and Webappbuilder. When initially selecting the feature in the map only basic information should be shown:

When clicking hide/show more information the content should extend:

I was intending to use HTML in combination with a simple JavaScript command, but it seems that this is not possible.

What is the ideal workaround for this?

PS: alternatively - instead of clicking hide/show more information - would it be possible to extend the content when maximizing the popup window?

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I agree that the limitations of HTML within the AGOL platform can be frustrating. I tried a workaround by using the <details> and <summary> tags to create collapsible sections, which I was able to get to work in the "About" widget in one of my apps. However, it's an unsupported tag and it doesn't seem to work in the pop-ups. 

I would love to see more HTML functionality in the future. If there is an existing workaround to this type of thing I would love to know!