AGOL - Update Data >> Append Data to Layer; not reading lat/long co-ordinates correctly

09-22-2019 08:50 PM
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Hi there,

I'm trialling the use of Survey123 in our organisation and have been finding it quite difficult to modify co-ordinates from the office outside the app. 

For example, if I want to bulk change a set of co-ordinates retrospectively or if I want to add a new set of points then I'm using the update data >> append data to layer functionality in AGOL to read a.csv file which has lat/long co-ordinates.

It appears to update fine and the attribute table looks correct however, upon examining the map I cannot see the new/modified points at the locations I expect.

When I try export the data out to a .csv file to check co-ordinates I notice that the lat/long co-ordinates have been projected to a different co-ordinate system (see below).

Is there any way to force AGOL to only work in the lat/long co-ordinate system? I upload the same file to a new map and the points plot just fine so I'm not sure why the append file is struggling to read it specially seeing as all the other data in this layer is in the correct co-ordinate system.

I've attached the upload file as well as a reference.



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