AGOL tile schemes different for raster and vector tiles

08-23-2020 05:32 PM
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I am trying to work with designers and developers on mapping applications and I have noticed that the scales for each zoom level are different when using the AGOL/google/bing tiling scheme depending on if you are generating raster tiles or vector tiles. 

This is causing havoc and mis-alignments between the geospatial team and the web developers where we get a spec saying roads are visible from zoom level 5 but depending on if the app is using vector vs raster tiles it is different. It is also effecting the combining of these layer types.

The vector tile layer scales are zoomed in one extra level compared to when the same map is created with raster tiles. The table below gives a small example of what I am seeing. The attachment shows what I am seeing in the Pro.

zoom levelraster scalevector scale

Can anyone explain why the tiling schemes with the same name would be different? I have seen this on ArcGIS Pro 2.2-2.5


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Hi Mark,

Do you have answer for this issue? Now I get same question from customer when creating base map with vector and raster tile. I really appreciate your sharing.

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Hi Bang and Mark,
The difference is because Esri vector tiles are designed to adhere to the wider Vector tile ecosystem.
Vector tile scales originated from Mapbox zoom levels which are one value less than our ArcGIS API zoom levels. See

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