AGOL Relationship Classes - Viewing in App/Explorer for ArcGIS

06-16-2015 10:54 AM
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I am searching for a way that we will be able to make the relationship class information being entered with Collector available to Viewers. I want to set this up with our Tree Inventory to collect inspection/maintenance records.  There are only a handful of Collectors but many who will have to see the results (in real time) or pull from them.  I have looked at Explorer for ArcGIS and taken the web map through a couple of the App templates.  It seems none, other than the web map in the browser and Collector itself, can display the relationships.  I see the buy in for this whole process blowing up.  I hope there's something I'm missing here and someone can point me to a quick solution for the admin and managers to be able to view this stuff and possibly extract info.

(I'm planning to work with an AGOL hosted feature service with (at least) 2-3 relationship classes.  Published to AGOL from ArcGIS 10.2.2.).

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