AGOL Maps not Updating

08-03-2017 03:33 PM
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Hi All

We've implement a WAB setup in our org with the data hosted on ArcGIS Server.

Due to the nature of the work we're doing the services get updated reasonably regularly (once to twice a week) with both new data and new layers.

The new data comes through fine, however the new layers under each service don't. We have set refresh intervals on the appropriate services but that doesn't fix the issue.

The current work around for us is to remove the service and re-add it. However this becomes very troublesome when we have to go through and figure out which layers to enable/configure - even more so when we're dealing with 60+ layers in some of these services. 

Does anyone know how we can force agol to update the services automatically and add these new layers without the hassle of re configuring all the popups


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Were you able to find a solution to this?

This thread might be better if placed in the‌ space since this sounds more like a server issue than an‌ issue (though, I may be wrong - but hopefully someone from the Server group would know a way to correct this issue). Good luck!

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Hi Hamish,

I believe you will need to republish the service to add new layers. You can think of a service like an MXD pointing to a dynamic data source. The map will update for the layers that exist within the MXD, but you will need to add new feature layers in order to see them on the map.

Fortunately, you could use arcpy to open your map, add the new layers, and overwrite your existing service. Have a look here for that: 

As for your question about pop-ups, I would love to hear if you get a solution b/c I've been seeking one myself for a while. It's a huge pain to redo all those pop-ups in the web map. I will do a little research when I get to the office.

Good luck!

Warm regards,

Micah Babinski