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02-17-2022 01:34 PM
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We started our AGOL journey years ago with traditional ArcGIS logins.  Many of our traditional GIS users have this style of login.  However, now that we are rolling out an increasing number of apps (HUB in particular), we have started using SAML logins so that viewers within our organization don't have to remember another username/password, but can just authenticate with their Windows credentials.

I'm interested in hearing what other organizations are doing -- to me it seems that the AGOL login screen that allows for multiple ways to log in (depending on whether you have an ArcGIS login or a SAML login) is confusing to our casual users.  

Are you happy with this hybrid login situation?  Have you decided to convert ALL users over to SAML and only present that login option?  

Thanks for the feedback.


Washoe County GIS
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We have the same situation. I wish I could make the login default to the SAML login button with a small "ArcGIS Login" link beneath it for those of us who still do that. Reordering the two login types in the Organization Settings page to display the SAML login on top helped a little, but it's still confusing, especially for users signing in for the first time.

- Holly