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03-08-2021 12:19 PM
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Hi all,

I am starting up/revising our AGOL Home page (Administrator). We have a couple of StoryMaps that I want available to all in the organization and eventually to the public.

  • Each is in a Group,
  • both have been shared to to a new Group called Featured Gallery
  • The "featured Gallery" Group was added to the Body of the Home Page
  • One StoryMap opens up just fine, the other now results in an error message (below)


They have similar sharing. Each has a different owner, me for the one that seems to work and an intern for the one that doesn't. They are in different folders.

When I copied and pasted the link for the "non-working" StoryMap in a block on the Home Page it worked.

I would like to resolve this so that both StoryMaps work at the Home Page in a similar fashion - an Item Gallery block.

I am open to suggestions. Many thanks!


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Have you tried the developer tools to see what error may be appearing?