AGOL Feature Service in ArcMap Offline

04-29-2022 10:43 AM
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Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to take a AGOL Feature Service offline in ArcMap for editing then sync it with the service similar to how it works in Collector or FieldMaps. Using a ruggedized laptop in the field, we have made a local copy of the feature service for editing in ArcMap. We have also successfully taken the laptop offline, made edits to the feature layers, and synced it with the online service. This worked great except if ArcMap was closed then reopened on the laptop without an internet connection. The connection between the local layer and the online service seem to break.

Is it possible to take a feature service offline for editing in ArcMap? If a local copy gets disconnected from the server is there a way to reconnect it without overwriting the Feature service?

Thanks in advance!

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