AGOL Feature Layer CreationDate, Creator,EditDate, Editor all changed when adding a new field/view

03-08-2021 09:16 AM
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This morning I had something happen to an AGOL feature layer that I didn't think could happen. I had a feature layer from 2020 that I added a new field, calculated values using arcade, and created a new view of the data for adding to a web application. When configuring the pop-up I noticed the CreationDate, Creator, EditDate, Editor were all changed to my username and today's date and time. This was really an unnerving thing to see as I didn't think CreationDate and Creator would change from the original creator.

Luckily I had a backup of the 2020 survey data that I uploaded to AGOL, but how this is even possible to occur? It makes me super nervous about maintaining the data. We really need the original CreationDate and Creator fields to be maintained and not changed.

Can someone please explain how adding a field and calculating values updated the CreationDate and Creator field values and not just the EditDate and Editor fields/values.

Thanks for the help because I really do not want this to happen again. I was fortunate to have a backup local since it was last year's data. Can Esri restore my original AGOL layer back to the CreationDates/Creator values it had prior to this morning?


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