AGOL Export ignores param preserveEditUsersAndTimestamps

08-06-2019 07:48 AM
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agol export‌

Exported AGOL Hosted FC to local file geodatabase leaves CreationDate and EditDate alone with original Collector dates, but it changes the Creator and Editor to be the account used to export from AGOL manually or via python.

I tried some params as listed below but maybe there are more specific to the Creator and Editor that I am not aware of

and frankly am having a difficult time even finding documentation on these parameters and the preserveEditUsers... seems to be ignored in this case?!

The manual or via python download of AGOL Hosted feature to a fgdb changes the creator and edited by fields to be the account doing the download - I did take some input from a post regarding params for publishing that would preserver tracking data and when I try it, the export still runs but does not preserve the data.


#Parameters for editor tracking
pub_params = {"editorTrackingInfo" : {"enableEditorTracking":'true', "preserveEditUsersAndTimestamps":'true'}}

AGOLitem.export(GDBname,'File Geodatabase', parameters=pub_params, wait=True)

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Hi Richard Fisher‌ - 

I tested the workflow with multiple Hosted Feature Layers, some published from ArcGIS Pro and others published from ArcGIS Online. I published one with Python and chose to preserve Edit Users and Timestamps per your referenced GeoNet thread. In each case, when I export the Hosted Feature Layer to FGDB, then download the FGDB and examine it in ArcGIS Pro, the Creation Date, Creator, Edit Date and Editor fields are all preserved with the edits made to the Hosted Feature Layer.

How did you initially publish the Hosted Feature Layer? Are you seeing the issue with all Hosted Feature Layers or just a few?



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Peter - Thank you for your efforts. Based on your input it caused me to do a complete end to end refresh of the process and data. I find that you are correct and myself or some process must have contaminated the test data at some point. I was farther along now and was able to run things fresh in a production environment with python this time. All looks good. Thank you again. Consider closed. - Rick

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Hi Rick, that's great to hear! Happy to help out. 



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