AGOL Configure Pop-Up Re-Ordering Fields

01-22-2019 01:39 PM
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I'm curious if there is a work around for re-ordering attribute fields in the configure pop-up widget in AGOL.

So far it seems to me that you have to click on the attribute field you want to move to the top, and click the up arrow multiple times for it be where you want. Is this true?

It is difficult for me because there is a web map layer called "buildings" and it has over 50 attribute fields, and re-ordering my top 10 is a bit slow.

ArcGIS Web Application 

This is the map I'm using, and if you click on a building the pop-up I'm referring to will appear.

If there isn't already a solution to this that I'm not aware of, it would be ideal if ESRI could tweak this pop-up configuration user interface.

I appreciate any feedback.

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Online feature service supports reordering fields using views. You can always create a view layer based on a source layer. You can configure the view layer with any field ordering that are different from that of its source. With this solution, you would not need to do any work or ordering in the UX and you will persist your ordering in the server side. Ordering the fields in the view does not affect the source layer and the source layer will still be in the original source. Your maps would reference the view rather than the source. You can also select subset of the fields in the layer and you would not need to show all fields by marking them visible (true/false).

Not sure if this is something you would like to pursue but it is an option we have in the server side.


Khaled Hassen

Online feature service lead

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