AGO Manage User Type -> Error

08-12-2020 07:38 AM
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I'm the admin of an AGO-Organization. I'd like to delete a former intern of us. But unfortunately I'm not able to delete her.

The Error message is: "Error You do not have permissions to access this resource."

If I try to just diable the account, there is the error message: "Unable to disable member ..."

Also, if I want to manage the user type, the page is loding endlessly. There is a second Admin within the organization, so there should net be a problem with a rule like "You have to have a second admin/creator within an organization".

I am able to manage user types of and delete other members of my organization without any problem.

Does anybody has a hint, what the problem could be?

(The user-account was linked to an ArcGIS Pro licence, but I already removed it and there is no content that belongs to the account.)

Thanks a lot


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