AGO Labels Print Problems

08-15-2019 08:02 AM
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I have created an ArcGIS Online application that will be used exclusively for public access.  This application contains a hosted tile and feature service for roads.  I added the tile service to my web map, moved it to basemap and then set it as a reference layer.  This layer displays quite well in the web application, however, when I print to PDF (as well as other output options) all the labels are missing from the output.  I am using the web appbuilder print widget.

I've also tried adding the roads hosted tile service to the web map without moving it to the basemap and the same issue occurs.

In addition, I have added the corresponding hosted feature service and created/managed labels within the web map.  The labels are running together and look terrible.  You would think there would be more control for the user beyond simply font type and don't repeat so much...don't run into each other...and so on.

How can I get my road labels to not only display but also print?

Thank you in advance.


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