Advice to display 1:n data into dashboards/maps

05-01-2020 02:10 PM
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I'm conductiong an trees and plants inventory using arcgis online, and for trees everything is working fine.

But I got a problem to display 1:n data in my dashboards/maps.

I'm using this schema, of course you can experiece similar situation with another subject.:

The trees are colected using Survey123 with 1 tree per point Or came from dwg with block + excel table.

The bedplants are polygons and container for many plants and came from dwg + excel tables. But I'm curious if I can make Survey123 form just to input variables without location point, the reference will be the bedplant polygon.

I'm stucked because a popup in a map doen't appear to be the best choice to display alot of variables. For trees it is working, but for bedplant I'm not sure how to procedee to display as best as possible.

Whats is the best option to display this kind of data in Arcgis Online?
Arcgis Online have something better than popups to show multiple variables with this 1:n schema?

Any advice or different ideas?

Thank you very much

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