Adding highway marker shields as labels in online web map

03-07-2019 09:52 PM
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Is it possible to add labels to my highway layer in my online web map that I am creating in ArcGIS online like the marker shields I am able to use in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop? Or does anyone know of a Living Atlas layer that includes highway labels (with marker shields) as a top layer? The labels that come with several of the basemaps/reference layers won't work because they are covered up by other layers I also need to include in my map. I have tried a few approaches but nothing seems to work for this specific labeling need. I am using Arcmap 10.6 or ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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I ended up creating a shapefile and making the points into the shield markers. Then I was able to upload/share them to ArcGIS online.

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That's a great work-around but doesn't make for very dynamic labels.  I'll keep searching.

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Any luck with this?

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I used the Streets Community custom vector basemap and in the designer I turned off all the layers other than the Road shields. Now I ended up with something like this  (link to webmap) . You can use this layer directly by adding it to your own webmap. . I do not know if this will help. Also, if you want this layer to be on the top of all other layers, you need to use the new map viewer(beta) and you can easily drag the shield layer and put on top. Please see it in the map viewer beta Map Viewer 

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Great idea, I just created my own.

I'll have to come back to this and build a style from scratch with just the road layers I need in it.

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