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Adding feature layers to a local or AOL fgdb

05-31-2022 04:15 AM
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I have published to AOL a filegeodatabase. The hosted feature layers are then used to create maps. Now I want to import 2 other feature layers - which are individual  hosted feature layers -  into the fgdb. So that we have all relevant layers in one big fgdb

I have created with ArcGIS Pro a local fgdb which includes the added layers. I want to overwrite that fgdb onto AOL.

I have tried uploading the zipped fgdb over the existing fgdb in AOL. But the new layers are not uploaded, somehow. 

Is there an alternative way .


Thanks in advance,


Pim Verver

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Pim, A Hosted Feature Layer is a completely separate entity from the file that was used to generate it, meaning updating the gdb will not update the hosted feature layer. You have to update the hosted feature layer itself by going into its item details and choosing "Update Data" then "Overwrite Entire Layer". Now where it gets confusing is that the gdb used to create the hosted feature layer still needs to exist in order to do this, so it's a good idea to still keep it around. This method should allow your new layers to appear in your hosted feature layer so you can add them to your map. BE CAUTIOUS however if edits have been made to the hosted feature layer as those edits will be overwritten when you update it. Hope this helps!

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