Adding aerial photography to a web-map (wms or .ecw-files)

06-26-2020 12:58 AM
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I am trying to build a web-map with multiple layers including some aerial photography. These layers are available via wms or can be downloaded as georeferenced .ecw files. 

I am having trouble including those in my web-map. When trying to add them to a web map via wms I receive an error message that the coordinate system is not compatible with my web map unless I use it as a base map (which is not an option). In ArcGis Pro it works without problems.

I also tried creating the aerial layer myself by opening all .ecw in ArcGis Pro and publishing a tile layer but gave up after around 15 hours of  being stuck on "uploading service-definition". The original files amount to around 4gb, after setting scale and compression, ArcGis Pro estimated a file size of a little under 1 GB so I figured it couldn't possible take this long (My internet is rather fast, so uploading a gigabyte of data shouldn't pose a problem).

Does anyone know a way around the coordinate system restrictions with wms layers, or alternatively a way to effectively create the web layer myself using .ecw-files (maybe I need to merge/consolidate and/or convert those before publishing a layer?) Because of the data size importing the wms layer would of course be the preferred option.

Thank you all.

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